Can’t get enough of these dumplings!


I’ve been in Tacoma for going on 9 months now and I have yet to find THAT restaurant. The one go-to, always amazing place to eat. Until now. Their mission: “serve delicious, affordable food that guests will want to return to week after week”….

…nailed it.

I’ve been two weeks in a row and it’s taking every ounce of self control not to return this week. What place could possibly be this good, you ask? Indo Asian Street Eatery. Go now. Thank me later.


My favorite dish is actually a ‘Street Snack.’ For $10 you get 5 of the most juicy, flavorful, tasty, delicious, savory, perfect (how many adjectives can I use?) Shumai dumplings, which is shrimp and pork. I may have ordered two batches last time. No judgment. I swear I didn’t eat them all on my own but we did order several other street snacks to sample.

First trip included the dumplings, obviously, jasmine rice, pork belly sliders, prawn yakitori and Mr. Lee’s Old Fashioned, which was one of the best old fashioned’s that I’ve tasted. It was slightly less sweet than normal with a kick of cinnamon.

Second trip was dedicated to the dumplings alone. Did I mention that I can’t get enough of them?! I suppose there may have also been some saki as well, because, I mean, Asian restaurant.

Third trip will include dumplings but there were several large bowls with veggies and lamb that I can not wait to try.

My advice: just go, immediately. You definitely can’t go wrong with the food and I didn’t even touch on the atmosphere. Menu changes seasonally but hoping the dumplings will be always and forever an option.